Hi! My name is Cassie.

I create user-centered experiences that make life easier for others.


UX Case Studies

Produce Safely

Creating a record keeping tool for farmers.

Deliverables: User Persona, Findings and Recommendations Report


Suggesting features for a new gifting app.

Deliverables: Journey Map, Annotated Wireframes, Clickable Prototype

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Optimizing the non profit gift entry workflow.

Deliverables: User workflow diagram, Clickable Prototype

Check & Connect

Optimizing data for a tracking application.

Deliverables: Research Findings and Plan, Interactive Prototype.


Proposing a new design system.

Deliverables: Journey Map , Storyboards, Interactive Prototype.

Life Time

Evaluating the Online Membership Process.

Deliverables: Usability Tests, Findings and Recommendations Report, Interactive Prototype



Creating a user-centered restaurant application.

Deliverables: Research Findings Report, Screen Flow, Interactive Prototype


Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Creating user centric physical environments.

Deliverables: Digitized Landscape Designs , Written Proposals